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Humilau Resort Forum Rules

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Humilau Resort Forum Rules

Post by Awakening on Wed 23 Jan 2013, 12:24 am

I. General
The Humilau Resort Forums were created to become a stable place to discuss, hangout, chat with others, and more. We show that this is our primary goal with our rules. With them, we can make sure to have an orderly run down of what is acceptable in this forum and what is not acceptable. As such, by following these rules, members help out in keeping this forum in tip-top shape as a place to achieve the above goal of the staff without causing members to feel as they've been denied the right to attain the goals stated in the beginning.

II. Methods of Discipline
When you have broken a rule in the forum, you are liable to the following modes of punishment. These range from least to most severe:

II.I A Warning: This is issued to those who have broken a rule for the first time. Most of the time this form of punishment is used, but it's not mandatory if the severity is high. Post may be susceptible to be deleted.

II.II A Ban: Usually, this is used when a member has broken either multiple rules at once, or has broken a single rule multiple times. Offending post or posts will be deleted on the spot. Severe enough rule breaking will make you liable to be banned without warning. Bans may last from a few hours to a week. Once again, it depends on the severity of the crime.

II.III A Permanent Ban: Easily the worst way to go. You will be permanently banned from Humilau Resort by being banned without a time limit. Nothing else to say about this one except that it should be avoided.

II.IV An IP ban: When a permanent ban is caused by or through a mixture containing "Dual Accounting", you are liable to a ban that extends to your full IP Address.

III. Humilau Resort Rules:

III.I No Spamming
It's pretty easy to spam, unfortunately. SPAM is an acronym for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. The following will not be tolerated and asked to be stopped: typing in all caps for extended time, double posting in general (exceptions to bump your own topics may be excluded) with or without smileys, short, irrelevant posts (i.e lol") and generally being a nuisance to others. Replying to spam still counts as spam. A quick warning should stop this, but bans are liable. Contact a staff member to deal with it through PM.

III.II No Flaming
Flaming is not overlooked as spamming is in the slightest. Flaming another member is being offensive to another member, be it "rude" or outright vulgar. There are no warnings necessary for this, and a ban may be used immediately for any derogatory remarks based on but not limited to: gender, race, age, sexual orientation, etc. If you're caught purposely doing this to acquire a reaction from someone or trolling, you will be held accountable for a ban on the spot. Any attempt to counter flame/troll will be considered as such.

III.IV No Advertisements
Do you own, are part of, or are involved in any other forums, chatrooms, or websites? Glad to hear it. But shameless advertising to get other people to join is strictly prohibited. Any links will greatly increase your chances of being banned. If you want to try to affiliate, it must be directed to the staff before any links may be shown to members.

III.V Mini Modding
Mini Modding is when a regular member acts in a way of having power of a staff member. Though at many times well intended, the better alternative is to just contact a staff member directly. If there isn't one, record the message, and send it to a staff member via PM.

III.VI No Pornographic materials
Even if you are 18+ years old, it does not change the fact that this is not only a Safe For Work (SFW) forum, but that Forumotions is a Safe For Work company. Since this offense goes for both set of rules, you will be banned on the spot.

III.VII No direct images
If you feel the need to post an image, but you do not want to use a direct link, you may hide it inside of spoiler tags. The code is as follows:

[spoiler*][img*]Insert link of the picture here[/spoiler*][/img*]

* must be removed

III.VIII No Dual Accounting
Dual Accounting is creating another account when you already have one registered. Any attempt to use this method to evade any form of punishment is liable to be IP banned. If there is another member that uses your IP, like family, you should first tell a member of the staff.

III.IX Be wary of where you post and what you post
More of a general rule. Make sure that your thread is not something that's been already posted. Having a bunch of threads of similar topics may be deleted and a warning may be issued. A thread that is posted will in a wrong section will most likely be moved to the right one if it doesn't happen consistently. If you are constantly posting in wrong sections and threads, warnings will be issued.

IV. Be respectful of those you are chatting with. Everyone deserves respect, and if you cannot deal with that fact on the forum, it's best to avoid Humilau Resort altogether.


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