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Resort League Rules

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Resort League Rules

Post by Awakening on Sat 29 Jun 2013, 10:49 pm

In order to make sure that our League functions properly, Gym Leaders must abide by some rules. These Rules pertain to Pokemon Type Banning, Pokemon used, and Gym Succession.

A. Basic Information
1). Gyms must include the Type they specialize in. Only one Type is allowed per Gym.
2). Gyms may not have more than one Gym Leader.
3). Gyms must also include a Badge.
4). Gyms must include a list of the Trainers that have acquired their said Gym Badge
5). Gyms are allowed one Pokemon that does not match the type of their Gym. They must however include a move that matches the Gym type on that Pokemon (Hidden Power is applicable).
6). If a Gym Leader is absent from the Gym and Forums for one Month, the Gym shall be locked, and a replacement may be appointed if necessary.
7) If more than one person wants a certain Gym Type, they must do one battle for the gym with their Gym team to claim ownership of the Gym. (2/3 matches are acceptable.)

B. Gym Custom Rules
1). Gym Leaders may make their own rulings on how the Gym Battles are conducted.
2). Gym Leaders may not ban any single Pokemon from being used against in their Gym.
3). Gym Leaders however, may hold restrictions on how many Pokemon can be used with a Super Effective and Resistance relationship with the Gym Type.
4). Gym Leaders cannot make a rule that changes the type of the Gym they chose, and a Gym must specialize in a type.

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